Please contact us if you have questions about Watermusic. We have video and photos which you can use in jour news-coverage of Watermusic.

Questions from the press regarding Watermusic please be directed to:

Karen Balling Radmer, Randers Municipality, communications, + 45 5156 2531, 

Kenneth Lemvig Sørensen, Randers Municipality, communications, +45 4012 5708,  

Water Music - the story

An industrial harbour in Randers, Denmark was transformed into a spectacular water music show and total experience with advanced 3Dwater-projectionshow on the water, acrobats being lifted up in the air by watercanons or walking on the harbour’s silos. 

The water show in Randers Harbour was created by artist from UK, Spain and Denmark. It has been under it’s way for more than two years for director Kevin Finnan, Motionhouse. Motionhouse, the internationally-renowned British dance company, that also was Choreographer for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. took the audience on a turn around trip that overwhelmed.

The visual dream-images was created by multimedia artists from Spanish Logela. The music was composed by International danish star ‘Oh Land’ and performed by herself and among other a 300-voice choir. Oh Land also stars in the show as a soloist and in the role of the Sea Queen. Oh Land was elected Best Danish female artist, performed on David Letterman and lives in New York. She has becomed famous composing melodious sound with magic and quirky universe. Water Music is about the love between sea and land, because Randers is by the sea. It is the story about the Queen of the Sea, who meets the pram carrier from land, and they fall in love with each other. Water Music was attended by 15.000 people and is one of 12 ‘Full Moon’ projects in the official program for the European Capital of Culture - Aarhus 2017