Water Music in Randers

The industrial harbour of Randers will be transformed on the 2nd and 3rd of September 2017, when Randers EgnsTeater stages a spectacular total experience with advanced light, sound and 3D projections. The harbour’s silos, cranes - and the water itself - will all be part of an extraordinary and dramatic musical show.

Motionhouse, the internationally-renowned British dance company, will take the audience on a trip that overwhelms the senses, with visual dream-images created by multimedia artists from Spanish Logela.

International star ‘Oh Land’ joins several hundred performers in a magical universe that tells the love story of land and water. ‘Oh Land’ takes the role as the Sea Queen, recounting the area’s mystical history and menacing creatures from the depths of the sea, while barges silently pass through the mysterious mist. Randers Harbour will be filled with circus performers performing breath-taking acrobatics, with boats dancing over the water’s dark expanse.

A 300-voice choir will be supplementing ‘Oh Land’s’ melodic sound universe.

Water Music is one of 12 selected ‘Full Moon’ projects in the official program for the European Capital of Culture - Aarhus 2017, and will be Randers’ single biggest outdoor cultural event to date.